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How much Co2 in a Coke? [Mar. 9th, 2009|02:58 pm]
Consumer Activist


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Coca-Cola UK has calculated its impact on the environment. Working with the UK Carbon Trust, Coke says that a 330ml can of ‘Coca-Cola’ sold in Great Britain has a carbon footprint of 170 grams Co2 equivalent.

A 330ml glass bottle of ‘Coca-Cola’ has more than double - 360 grams Co2e.

After checking all aspects of the product's life cycle, Coke says that packaging accounts for the largest single impact, 30 - 70 per cent, depending on the type of container.

How does this compare to other drinks? Well the research in this area is emerging and often put out by producers rather than independent third parties. But, still, the list below has some surprises:

Co2e per litre (crudely scaling up Coke's figures):

- Tap water 0.2 grams
- Evian bottled water 198 grams
- Coca-Cola can 515 grams
- Innocent smoothie 686 grams
- Adnams beer 864 grams
- Tesco orange juice 1,040 grams
- Coca-Cola bottle 1,090

So a can of Coke really does beat a bottle. And if you recycle the can or bottle, the carbon footprint is lower. There are many reasons why Coca-Cola should be criticised (not least the eight teaspoons of sugar in every 330ml). But we should thank them for publishing this.</span>

[User Picture]From: paulgregory
2009-03-09 08:18 pm (UTC)
But what about a 500ml plastic coke bottle? Or a 2l plastic coke bottle?
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[User Picture]From: humble_sparrow
2009-03-10 08:56 am (UTC)

Water is best

Cola is a incredible example of branding gone amok

What we have essentially is coloured water with some sugary substance added and some form of dope that altogether must cost only pennies to produce.

Then we have the marketing and the brand image that inflates the price enormously through an imaginary 'added value' and predatory demand creation.

The images created around a few millilitres of water is amazing. How can a bit of coloured water represent youthfulness, the cool, the hip, when it is just coloured water ?

(With another excessively branded burger one can die young and happy but replete and really really fat.)

Then we have the factories all over the world mixing the simple water with coloured additives, all the transport moving water around and all those cans, zillions of them everywhere.

The bottled version is even worse because they use plastics that end up in all the oceans of the world that adamantly refuses to degrade to be found in the stomachs of deep sea turtles.

Go for a walk in England's green and pleasant land and you will find the cans, the bottles, dumped everywhere, in the hedgerows, at the top of mountains, the rivers and all along the roads of suburbia, just like an inanimate plague of dead locusts.

and finally :-)

Just turn the tap on at home, drink merrily away for virtually no cost and much less environmental impact.

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